Time to treat yourself to an authentic life,
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  Ebook Set

This life changing set of books comprises of a training manual on how to become director of your own life

In addition, the manual deepens the journey by addressing two core topics, sexuality and relationship

As a bonus, there is an accompanying CD for the manual with a guided meditation on the inner guide.


This is not just a set of ebooks.
This is a life-changing program

based on forty years of working with people
from all over the world
and different walks of life.

I love to share this inspirational program
with you!

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How to Become Director of your Life
The Manual

  Ebook director

Do you feel life controls you?

Do you feel helpless and a victim of your circumstances?

How do people manage to have successful, happy and balanced lives?

It's not just luck but a combination of skills and right action.

It's about understanding and applying the principles of creation.

How about taking charge of your own destiny and doing what fulfils you?

Living the life you choose is an easily understandable manual for creating the life you want with many examples and step-by-step instructions for everyday problems.

Any change in life takes time, but following this manual leads you on a rewarding path to inner peace, joy and confidence in your abilities to create the life you choose

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Finding Fulfilment in Love

The first step to a fulfilling relationship is to learn how to cherish and love ourselves.

If we are in harmony with ourselves, the relationship with a beloved partner will be much more likely to succeed.

Unfortunately, many of us expect a partner to fulfil all our wishes and needs, which often brings suffering and frustration to the partnership.

As we expand in self-love so do our relationships grow and deepen.

When we are born, we are dependent on mother's love. Over the course of life we expand our range of love moving from this dependent form to loving ourselves. From there we are able to love other people and connect with the universal power of love.

In this book, I explain theses stages of relationships so that we can understand the challenges of each stage and find creative solutions to our difficulties..

In addition, many frictions arise from misunderstandings between men and women.

Once we can understand the differences, we can apply the strategies that I introduce to successfully develop fulfilling, harmonious partnerships

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Ebook Love


    Beyond Sex-Addiction

    and Co-Dependence

  Ebook Sex

How we use our sexual energy is significant both in life and in how we create a fulfilling relationship.

Frequently, women use sex to maintain the relationship while men have a relationship in order to have sex.

In this book I reveal the cultural and personal behaviours that create sexual co-dependence in women and sex addiction in men. I describe the underlying fears and how we can free ourselves from these patterns.

If we go beyond our Western understanding of sexuality as just a physical act, we can access the full potential of sexual energy that is available to each one of us. We can then choose to use this energy for our own personal well-being or for the deepening of a harmonious relationship.

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CD: The inner guide


AudioCD: The inner guide

The inner guide is the expression of your inner core and your deep inner knowing, a silent voice that often goes unheard in the noise of everyday life

When your personality is harmoniously aligned with this inner wisdom, you can live out of your full potential. Your life will begin to flow and feel rich and fulfilled.

This CD provides practical instructions for you to access this inner guide. The instructions are also provided in written words in the manual.


The entire Set with all four offers for direct download consists of

  Complete Set

179 pages Manual Living the life you choose. How to become director of your life (pdf) for 24,00 US$


50 pages Filling Fulfilment in Love (pdf) for 12,00 US$


52 pages Beyond Sex-Addiction and Co-Dependence(pdf) for 12,00 US$

Pfeil AudioCD: The inner Guide (mp3) for 10,60 US$

All together a value of 58,60 $

As a special offer 20,00 US $

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Ebook Love


Ebook Director


Ebook Sex


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